Topdiode Group & UF Capacitors is your reliable China capacitors manufacturer and China capacitors supplier. Our factory is specialized in manufacturing of chip tantalum capacitors, polymer capacitors, chip MLCC, X1Y1, X1Y2 safety capacitors, X2 MKP film capacitors, DC LINK film capacitors and SMD electrolytic capacitors. After 26 years development, Topdiode Group become a very famous electronic parts manufacturer and electronic parts supplier. Now Topdiode Group and UF Capacitors include 4 manufacturer sites in China, and export our electronic components to USA, Canada, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, South Africa, Tunisia, New Zealand, Australia, Germany, Italy, France, UK, Poland, Bulgaria, Spain, Portugal, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Korea, Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, India, Philippine,Thailand. Currently Topdiode and UF Capacitors supply our various capacitors to famous international companies like GE, Philips, Honeywell, Bosch and so on.

UF Capacitors are the brand of our various capacitors, metal oxide varistors and NTC thermistor . Our capacitors includes these types: chip tantalum capacitors and polymer tantalum capacitors; V-chip aluminum electrolytic capacitors and smd polymer electrolytic capacitors, disc ceramic capacitors and chip MLCC, X2 MKP film capacitors, metallized polyester film capacitors, metallized polypropylene film capacitors and DC link film capacitors. These capacitors are all RoHS and REACH Compliant. And many safety capacitors are awarded by UL, VDE, ENEC, CQC and KC safety approvals.

Topdiode Group & UF Capacitors was established since 1995, as one of the professional China capacitors manufacturer and China capacitors factory, we are strong in complete management, strict quality control system, and excellent sales service. We mainly produce and supply Chip MLCC Capacitors,Tantalum Capacitors, Polymer Capacitors, SMD Electrolytic Capacitors, X1Y2 X1Y1 X2 Safety Capacitors, DC Link Film Capacitors. In our factory, we have reliability test lab and UL test lab which allow us to do various tests inside of our own factory. Our factory keep regular stocks for chip MLCC and tantalum capacitors. For other capacitors, our normal lead time is 4 weeks. With fast delivery time, competitive prices, high quality commitment, customers can use our capacitors to replace Murata Capacitors, TDK Capacitors, Vishay Capacitors, Kemet Capacitors, AVX capacitors, Panasonic capacitors, Nichicon capacitors, Epcos capacitors and so on. Recent years, many capacitors are in shortage, could you please send us emails and RFQ. We can help you for cost down and solve your shortage problem.
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  • Electrolytic Capacitor TSC Series is Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors SMD type with low leakage current, which sometimes can replace tantalum capacitors. Popular Searches: Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors Audio Grade, Electrolytic Capacitors Bi-Polar, Non-Polar Electrolytic Capacitors, General Purpose Electrolytic Capacitors, High Temp Electrolytic Capacitors, Low ESR Electrolytic Capacitors, Low Impedance Electrolytic Capacitors. Welcome to buy Low Leakage Current SMD Electrolytic Capacitor from us.

  • UF Capacitors manufactures SMD Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitor. TKL 5000H at 105°C 5000H Long life Assurance SMD Electrolytic Capacitor is one of the most common series, we sell quite good prices, high quality and with short lead time. Following are 105°C SMD Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitor features, specifications and drawing.

  • UF Capacitors offers a broad choice of SMD aluminum capacitors, as well as the product support necessary to specify the ideal products for automotive, medical, alternative energy, and other high-demand applications. TEL Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors (Surface Mount Type) is hot selling product for vehicle-mounted electronic equipment at this moment. We believe that you will like it, and welcome to testing our all kinds of electronic components. Welcome to buy 3000H Long life Assurance SMD Electrolytic Capacitor from us.

  • SMD, Surface Mount Dives, Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitor is designed for high advanced power supplier and other electronic devices, which is outstanding with its excellent performance. Having been tested in an extremely strict testing condition in our lab, the quality and performance is stable and reliable, which has been one of our best-seller series. Welcome to buy High Temperature SMD Electrolytic Capacitor from us.

  • 5000H High Voltage Long Life SMD Electrolytic Capacitor Brief THU Series 5000H High Voltage Long Life SMD Electrolytic Capacitor, SMD Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors with 5000 hours at 105°C. Long life V-Chip Electrolytic Capacitors, SMD E-CAP.

  • 105C 3000H High Voltage Long life SMD Electrolytic Capacitor Brief TCP Series HIGH VOLTAGE ELECTROLYTIC CAPACITOR Series is Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors - SMD LONG LIFE ELECTROLYTIC CAPACITORS. UF Capacitors offer 4 weeks delivery for SMD Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors, replace Panasonic, Nichicon, Rubycon V-Chip SMD Electrolytic Capacitor.

As a professional China Capacitors manufacturers and suppliers in china called TOPDIODE. High quality Capacitors are very popular in all countries.Our products not only have passed REACH and ROHS certification audit,but also have our own brand. In addition to providing free samples, we can also provide price lists and quotations. Our durable products support bulk,you can buy in stock and get low price. Welcome to buy made in china and advanced products from our factory.