Film DC Link Capacitor
  • Film DC Link CapacitorFilm DC Link Capacitor

Film DC Link Capacitor

A Film DC Link Capacitor act as an intermediary DC smoothing stage between AC stages. The intermediate DC step allows noise-reduced power transfer when converting between AC sources of different power, voltage, or frequency conditions.

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Film DC Link Capacitor -- Overview


 DC-link capacitors often experience high slew rates which can be detrimental if a suitably robust capacitor is not selected. DC-link capacitors are often found in power inverters, motor drives, and high-power charging circuits. Capacitor technologies are sometimes mixed in DC-link applications to target noise and transients that may need multiple stages of filtering.


Film DC Link Capacitor Introduction


The TDA DC linke capacitor is constructed of metallized polypropylene film encapsulated with epoxy resin in a plastic box, with 2 or 4 tinned copper wire.


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DC-Link Capacitor Film Capacitors TDA Series Features


* High Density MKP DC Link Film Capacitors

* Very long useful life time: up to 100,000h at 70 °C

* High ripple current capability, low ESR, low ESL

* Temperature range 105 °C

* Mounting: radial, box type DC-Link Capacitor

* 4-6 weeks fast delivery

* Replace Vishay, TDK, Epcos, Wima's DC LINK CAPACITORS

* Customized size


DC-Link Capacitor Film Capacitors TDA Series Application


POWER FILM, DC APPLICATIONS DC LINK CAPACITORS, widely used in high performance DC Link, DC filtering, frequency converters, industrial power supply, solar inverter and energy storage.

* Capacitors for DC-Link Applications

* Ultimate Performance for High Power Filter Applications

* DC-Link capacitor for DC-filtering and energy buffering.

* Targets power electronics devices for renewable energy systems, battery charging systems, motor drives and power supplies.

* Typical applications include UPS, Welders, Variable Speed Drives, Battery Chargers,

* Wind and Solar Energy Inverters, Renewable energies inverters, Motor drives


DC-Link Capacitor Film Capacitors TDA Series Products Qualifications


RoHS Compliant

REACH Compliant


DC-Link Capacitor Film Capacitors TDA Series Delivery, Shipping and Terms


Fast Delivery

Regular Stocks Available

Ex-work, FCA Terms, or FOB Terms



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