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  • Radial Epoxy Dipped Tantalum Capacitor that provide the designer with the advantages of compactness, low leakage and low DF performance characteristics for filtering, bypassing, coupling, blocking and RC timing circuits. This series is a range of resin dipped tantalum capacitors designed for entertainment, commercial, and industrial equipment.

  • Chip Tantalum Capacitor: Solid SMD, UF Capacitors' broad tantalum portfolio supports segment designers in telecommunications, industrial, and drilling applications where space limitations, voltage requirements, life performance, and maximum operational temperature requirements are a concern. The amount of capacitance possible with a tantalum capacitor is directly related to the type of tantalum powder used to manufacture the anode.

  • Low ESR Chip Tantalum Capacitor --UF Capacitors; CA45U Low ESR series of robust MnO2 solid electrolyte capacitors. Low ESR MnO2 capacitors are available in 5 case sizes with CV range of 1uF-1000uF / 2.5 – 50V. Tantalum Capacitors with high capacitance can also be used as battery support in handheld devices where small size is one of the key design requirements.

  • A tantalum polymer capacitor is a higher performing capacitor. It is a parallel plate capacitor with two conductive surfaces separated by a distance, with a dielectric in between the two plates. Tantalum polymer capacitors are desirable because of their high reliability and longer life spans of service. Polymer Tantalum Capacitors have become the preferred capacitor of choice for current surface mount technology (SMT) capacitors.

  • Niobium Oxide Capacitors are solid electrolytic capacitors based on Niobium Oxide (NbO) anode material instead of traditional Tantalum, offering non-Tantalum material solutions. Niobium is widely available material, next element to Tantalum in the periodic table with many similar features. Several advantages over Tantalum come from Oxides of Niobium that are all stable with very specific performance with each Oxide number, which is utilized in UF Capacitors technology of processing Niobium Oxide powders as base material for anode.

  • A Film DC Link Capacitor act as an intermediary DC smoothing stage between AC stages. The intermediate DC step allows noise-reduced power transfer when converting between AC sources of different power, voltage, or frequency conditions.