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  • A Dipped Radial Lead Multilayer Ceramic Capacitor is a fixed capacitor with the ceramic material acting as the dielectric. It consists of several layers of conductive plates each separated by a layer of ceramic dielectric. Layers of ceramic and metal are alternated to make a multilayer chip. This chip equipped with lead wires and epoxy coated makes a Leaded MLCC. The leaded capacitors come with leads which can be stuck into a breadboard or hand-soldered into a prototyping board or printed circuit board (PCB).

  • Axial Lead Multilayer Ceramic Capacitor Photo, include through-hole ceramic capacitors and surface mount ceramic capacitors (chip type). Through hole capacitors (leaded capacitors) include CT42 Axail multilayer ceramic capacitors and CT4 Radial multilayer ceramic capacitors.

  • Chip MLCC consists of a conducting material and electrodes. MLCCs are sometimes referred to as Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors and Multilayer Ceramic Chip Capacitors.

  • UF Capacitors special High Voltage MLCC chip capacitors meet High value, low leakage and small size, our high voltage MLCC designed for applications such as snubbers in high frequency power converters, resonators in SMPS, and high voltage coupling/dc blocking.

  • UF Capacitors is professional high voltage ceramic disc capacitor manufacturer. We supply disc type capacitors with leads, high voltage ceramic capacitors, commercial grade, low dissipation at high frequency, also called High Voltage Disc Ceramic Capacitor.

  • Safety Capacitors Safety Standard Certified Ceramic Capacitor are also called EMI / RFI suppression capacitors, AC line filter safety capacitors, or X- and Y-rated capacitors. X and Y capacitors not only keep radio frequency noise generated by the device local to that device, but also protect the device from mains noise and high voltage surges. When this interference is propagated, it can either enter or leave a device by symmetrical or asymmetrical propagation.